I was really impressed by Vicki. She is not just a caring practitioner, she knows exactly which treatment is the right solution for your problem. I feel stronger and less negative thoughts.
Nigel S.

After trying it, I felt extremely relaxed, had a great night’s sleep, and it seemed to remove some negative energy. I highly recommend doing it once a week, especially when your body is experiencing pain. The results are very noticeable, and it significantly reduces discomfort. I highly recommend purchasing a package.

Hung E.

I can’t say enough about my experience with Vicki at Omni Vibe Wellness. I no longer suffer with what’s been 12 years of  24/7 pain. My first appointment diminished my back pain drastically. Each session has proven to continue my healing. Chiropractic, acupuncture, various at home stretches or natural home remedies never gave much relief if at all. I am grateful to have a SpinalFlow technician near me. My entire life has changed and I am now as active as I deserve to be. No more heating pads from frequent back spasms. No more procrastinating because my back will hurt. No more tears from the sheer frustration it caused me. And no more tears from excruciating pain! In fact, I am currently studying to become a certified practitioner so I too can make a difference in other peoples life. I signed up when I got home from my first appointment. This energy modality works. Not only is my deep nagging pain gone but i feel great overall. Vicki is knowledgeable in her energy work field and is professional and kind. I highly recommend you book an appointment if you’re tired of being sick and tired. I’m forever grateful to Vicki and the energy healing she provides. I am also receiving Access Bars as well. This too is a modality adding to my healing. I’ll likely get certified in Bars as well. Thank you Vicki!

Veronica H.

I went to Vicki for Access bars and Spinal flow therapy and it was an amazing experience! Hip and low back pain is no more and I feel more energy. She is very knowledgeable and professional.

Leslie A.

I have been struggling with back pains for a big part of my life. I tried different techniques and approaches to help me feel better. Eventually I realized that just doing physical therapy is not going to resolve my issues in a long run. Because it is not just about our physical bodies, but it is much deeper. Thanks to Wei Chi (Vicki) Wang I was able to get what I was looking for. After every session I felt like I was coming back to my true self. Not just my physical pain would go away, but emotionally I would feel so much better! My worries would disappear and my thoughts would stop jumping around in my head. It’s like my whole being would level up and balance. I highly recommend Spinal Flow with Vicki! Love it, love it, love it!!!❤️💞🌞

Nadiya L.